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Why knowing when to tweet is important?

Most people don’t realize how important it is to tweet at the right time of the day. If you take time to think about what you’re going to post, you probably want your content to have as much engagement as possible, right? And if you want to make the most of your tweets, you need them to be exposed to as many people as possible. Which is exactly the reason why you want to know when your followers are most active: these are also the best times for you to be active on Twitter.

What’s the best time of the day to post on Twitter?

The best time to tweet is 1PM according to most sources. But the real answer is it depends. There’s is no “one time fits all” slot everybody should use. A lot of tools and blog posts tell you what’s the most popular time to tweet, but that isn’t enough. What if you’re in a different time zone than most your followers? Or if your target audience is actually most active at night? The typical Twitter peak hours might not be right for you. A great way to find out the right answer for you is to analyze when your followers are most active. Posting at the same time gives your tweet a higher probability of picking up more impressions and high engagement. But you probably shouldn’t only tweet at the perfect time. Say 25% of your followers are active between 11AM and 12PM, and that’s your “peak time”. There’s still 75% of your followers that are most active at another time of the day. So if all you have a single tweet to post, choose the peak time. If not (which is likely), we suggest you analyze the overall activity of your followers and pick a few appropriate times of the day to tweet.

Now that I know when I should tweet, what should I do?

Now you know when are the best times of the day for you to post on Twitter. That’s great, but now you need stuff to tweet and schedule those tweets for the right time. Sure you could do it all yourself, but that means you’ll spend a lot of time creating content, and just as much time posting it to make sure it goes out when you want it to. That’s where Tweet Hunter can help out. We offer the most advanced, AI-powered Twitter growth tool for creators, founders and brands. Tweet Hunter makes it easy to write highly engaging tweets, schedule them at the right times, and set up automations to generate leads and subscriptions with your Twitter content. You can try it for free for a full week and we offer a very generous refund policy for 30 days, no questions ask. So really, there no reason not to try it out.

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